Rotary Drum Strainer

Rotary drum

A rotary drum strainer (also rotation screen, drum screen) is used to separate and sieve suspended solids and fibres contained in effluent and process water. The rotary drum strainer is made of stainless steel and therefore suitable for a wide range of applications.

Our rotary drum strainers are designed specifically for each application. It is possible, for example, to treat wash and process water of high temperatures. The rotation screen can also be used as a washing drum or a drainage system for different kinds of products.


Functional principle rotary drum / drum screen

The actual sieve process takes place inside the rotary drum. The influent is fed into the drum via a distributing channel ensuring an equally distribution onto the screening surface. The effluent flows through the filter drum into a collector for the clarified water. Solid particles are retained by the filter and carried out by a conveyor screw. The rotating filter drum is continuously cleaned by a brush roller and a spray device.

Rotary drums are mainly used in situations with a high water flow and relatively small load of solid particles. The drum is preferably made of perforated stainless steel sheets. This has essential advantages especially when fibrous particles have to be separated, as they come off the drum more easily in comparison to slotted hole screens.

Typical applications are for example: Wash water for vegetables with fibrous waste material such as roots and leafs, zoo pools containing food residues or wash water containing foil shavings.

It is common to combine a rotary drum with a lamella separator. Whereas the rotary drum is used to remove large particles, the lamella separator separates residual turbidity material. The pre treatment has the advantage of a much smoother operation of the sludge dewatering process (after the lamella separator).


Rotary drum strainers offer the following advantages:

  • high throughput
  • continuous operation
  • low operating costs / low energy input required
  • sturdy construction
  • wide range of applications due to stainless steel
  • direct sludge outlet into drainage container

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