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Leiblein process water and wastewater treatment

Process water is water used in industrial systems and machines. In process water cycles, liquids (mostly water) are treated and filtered, so that they can be circulated in industrial processes. The required quality and the possibility to treat process water depend on the field of application and process type.

Specialist for process water

With more than 20 years of experience, the treatment and filtration of process water and effluent is our main field of activity. Our treatment plants are used for treatment of process water in a wide range of industries. With innovative and combinable components such as lamella separators, rotation screens, solids separators and dewatering containers we can draw on tried-and-tested and extremely flexible solutions for treatment and filtration of process water and effluent.

Solutions for industrial effluent treatment

We offer full-service to solve your process and effluent problems, including planning, delivery and assembly as well as maintenance of plants for the process water and effluent treatment. Please have a look at our products, and do not hesitate to contact us if any questions arise.

Detailed descriptions of the products manufactured by Leiblein GmbH can be found on the following pages. Several solutions which are already successfully used by our customers can be found in our references.

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