Pilot Plants

Within the further developement of our products we provide customized pilot plants. The data we gain on site or in our plant, and the cooperation with chemists, biologists and process engineers contribute to an improvement of our products as well as to the development of new procedures.

In order to find the appropriate products for our customers the process media are analysed to determine its specific features. Almost all components and plants of our product range are available for testing purposes e.g. Lamella Separators,Pressure Belt Filters, Continuous Vacuum Belt Filters, Automatic Gravity Filters and many more.

Vacuum Belt Filter Pilot PlantLamella Separator Pilot PlantLamella Clarifier Pilot Plant

Solids Separator Pilot PlantMobile Lamella SeparatorLamella Separator

The pictures show an extract from our pilot plants that can be used in flexible manner. Please contact us if you are interested in pilot plants for special demands.

Leiblein Pilot Plants - everything's clear!

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