Filter Trolley ClearUp 250

With the newly developed filter trolley ClearUp 250, cooling lubricants of processing machines can be treated and tramp oil removed.


Leiblein filter trolley ClearUp 250

The inclined filter SF 250, integrated in the filter trolley, removes dirt particles. The required fineness of filtration can be adjusted with different kind of filter fleeces. An oil skimmer, integrated in the tank, removes floating tramp oil. The treated emulsion flows back into the machine tank. The trolley is compact and efficient. It can also be used to empty machine tanks. To start operation, only the hoses and the power plug (230V power supply) have to be connected.


There are two types of the filter trolley:

Filter trolley ClearUp 250/50
- fitted with an inclined filter to separate solid particles

Filter trolley ClearUp 250/50/SK
- fitted with an inclined filter to separate solid particles
- fitted with an oil skimmer to remove tramp oil

optional accessory:
- surface suction device
- suction lance


The filter trolley ClearUp 250 offers the following advantages:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Robust suction unit
  • Safety function: pump doesn't run dry
  • Process patent by gentle suction
  • Possibility of manual intervention by PLC in case of production modifications
  • Easy handling
  • Compact and space-saving construction
  • Practical accessories
  • Optimum price/performance ratio

Technical details

Measurements l x w x h approx.: 900 x 500 x 1,350 mm
Material: stainless steel AISI 304
Flow rate: 20 l/min.*
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz

* flow rate depends on the liquids treated, the particles to be removed and the type of filter fleece used.

(Technical modifications reserved!)

Leiblein Filter Trolley ClearUp 250 – an ideal solution!

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